Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Self awareness
Emotional training
High levels of effectiveness
Powerful communication skills
Rich creativity
Strong relationships

What can I expect?

Certified coaches practice 11 competencies which allow clients to engage in profound discovery of themselves, including:
Active listening
Powerful questioning
Creating awareness
Designing actions
Managing progress and accountability


awareness – practice – alignment – achievement

How many sessions does it take to experience results?

 For personal or life coaching the shortest program is 12 sessions
For executive or business coaching the shortest program is 24 sessions
Results are experienced on the basis of consistent practice and attendance

What is the attendance and payment policy?

The program may be paid in full after the discovery session, after the signing of the coaching agreement, prior to the first session.
The program may also be paid on a payment plan. Every session is charged in advance to secure your appointment.
Cancellations: changes to the appointment must be made within at least 48 hours before the session was scheduled to happen.
An absence without notice is a missed session that cannot be rescheduled.

More questions?

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