Integrity and Servant Leadership

“Servant leadership is about enriching the lives of others.” (R.B. Allen, CLO)
In 2019 many shoppers demand servant leadership from the corporations that serve them, and the response that a company gives to this request will often impact the company’s financial bottom line.
How can a company know when it’s ready to respond and negotiate favorably?
This is a question of integrity. It is important everyone involved in the system understands the shift that is occurring because demands and responses shift relationships (Conversations for Action, Flores). This synchronicity allows for authentic trust (Building Trust, Flores  Solomon) to facilitate the foundation of the shift and for servant leadership to operate naturally.
Wherever you are in your company’s system, as you consider servant leadership, ask yourself:

What kind of leadership am I exposed to on a regular basis?
How do I know when it’s enriching?
What is the value of enriching the life of another?
How does what I value impact how I lead?

Paying attention to the answers to these questions without judgment is one way to support the development of your leadership; whatever your position.
Interested in practicing servant leadership?
Check in with integrity, and check out CLO’s 8 practices of Servant Leadership.

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